Swim School

+ What is Swim School?

+ What swimming lessons do you provide?

+ When are lessons held?

+ What Swim School membership packages are available?

+ What is included in the Swim and Play Membership and what does it cost?

+ How long do lessons go for?

+ Are lessons held on public holidays?

+ How do I apply for Swim School?

+ What's involved in the online application?

+ How are you prioritising applications?

+ What qualifications do your Swim Teachers have?

+ Can you be too old to learn how to swim?

+ Do I have to stay and watch my child during their lesson?

+ Once we’re enrolled, can we change our day and time?

+ I have more than one child, will their classes be on the same day and time?

+ I can’t make my lesson, what should I do?

+ What time should I arrive for my lesson?

+ What should I bring to my lesson?

+ Does my child need googles and a swim cap?

+ I am running late for my lesson, will you wait for me?

+ I have missed a lesson, can I do a make-up lesson?

+ Can I suspend my lessons if I am unwell or injured?

+ I am going on holidays, can I suspend my lessons?

+ Are there any pension or concession discounts?

+ Do you provide private lessons?

+ Will I always have the same teacher?

+ How many students are in my lesson?

+ How will I be informed of my child's progress?

+ My child has completed their level, will they receive a certificate?

+ Now that we have passed our level, will our day and time change?

+ How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?