Splash False Floor

We are excited to announce an upcoming project that will reduce the depth of the shallow end of the 50m pool at Splash Aqua Park and Leisure Centre. This change will allow more students to undertake swimming lessons and learn vital water safety skills. 

Currently the shallow end is 1.4m deep; this project will reduce it to 1.1m. This change is important, as it will help us deliver more learn to swim classes each week and reduce the amount of time individuals in our community need to wait to start swimming lessons.   

To accommodate these works the 50m pool will be closed from Monday 18 September and will re-open Monday 2 October.

Activities normally undertaken in the 50m pool will be unavailable during this time. This includes aqua aerobics as well as squad/swim club training. All other aquatic areas will continue to be available during this time, with some operational exceptions (see below). This include the Waterslides, Aqua Play Zone, Learn to Swim, Leisure and Warm Water pools – all of which will be open as normal. 

Waterslides will be closed for water testing on Monday 18 September and Thursday 28 September.

Frequently asked questions

We will update this regularly as more questions arise

Why are you doing this?

We are looking to increase the usability of the 50m pool for members and guests. This includes continuing to facilitate lap swimming, increase opportunities for Aqua Aerobics, gentle exercise, reduce risk for recreational users as well as program such as learn to swim, user groups, school groups. 

The floor will help reduce the swim school waiting list which has 6000 registrations.

Why are works scheduled in the school holidays?

We understand no time is ideal close areas. We are completing works during the school holidays to try and minimise the impact, particularly on school groups, user groups and swim lessons. 

The following areas will be open over the school holidays. 

Leisure pool extended hours 5.30am to 9.45pm 

Aqua Play Zone 9am to 7pm 

Waterslides 10am to 3pm 

Can I still swim 50m laps?

Yes, our pool configuration timetable will be unchanged at this time, we will continue to but monitored to ensure it supports all programming.

Is it the whole pool?

Only the shallow 25m portion of the pool will have its depth reduced.

What will the temperature be?

We are raising the temperature of the 50m pool by a degree to 30 degrees. We will continue to monitor the new temperature and readjust, if necessary.

Can I dive into the pool?

Only user groups with suitably qualified instructors are able to dive.  General public are not permitted to dive anywhere in our facilities. 

Can I tumble turn?

For Public Pools, the industry standard minimum depth for tumble turns is 0.9m.  The ‘shallow half’ of the pool will become 1.1m deep, the ‘deep end’ will remain 2.0m depth.  We recommend you review your capacity when you first enter the pool after the false floor is installed.  The new depth of 1.1m was considered to maximise usage of the pool including continuing to facilitate lap swimming.

Will I be able to access the 2m depth?

The ‘Deep half’ of the pool will remain 2.0m deep.

Can I still do aqua aerobics?

We will be reviewing opportunities to increase aqua aerobics once the false floor is installed.  We are always looking for new Aqua Aerobics Instructors

Will I be able to do my gentle exercise still?

Yes, the pool will remain available for general use including opportunities to conduct gentle exercise in both 1.1m and 2.0m depths.

Where am I going to park?

We conducted a parking survey in late 2022.  The survey showed room for growth between both Sprint and Splash car parks. We are staggering swimming lesson start times as well and we will continue to monitor this to ensure parking supports any growth.

Where am I going to get changed?

We are monitoring change room availability during peak times and investigating options to install more changing spaces. We have staggered Learn to Swim class start times to try and alleviate changeroom congestion and will continue to monitor.

Where am I going to sit?

We will be installing additional seating around our pools to cater for the increased use during peak times.  These will be installed closer to the project date.

Are you getting more lockers?

We are looking into installing additional lockers around the centre to cater for the increased use during peak times.   

Frequently asked questions - Swim School 

We will update this regularly as more questions arise

I am already in the program can I move days or times with the new availability?

Yes, check the portal from Monday 25 September for availability. 

I am on the waitlist for swimming lessons, what does this mean for me?

Whilst the project will support additional spaces in the program, we will contact wait list students as places become available.  This is one component of increasing our swim school capacity. It won't be an overnight resolution.

What will the temperature be, my child gets cold in the 50m?

We are raising the temperature of the 50m pool by a degree, which will make a difference. We will continue to monitor the new temperature and readjust, if necessary. 

How can I supervise all my children in line with WAW policy in lessons if they are split across two pools?

We recommend positioning yourself in view of all children, they should always know your location, and you must be present for handover when class begins and finishes.  if you need to remain closer to one child we highly recommend this, be with the youngest child.  

Splash 50m pool Survey

50m Pool Survey